Infotelligent is powered
by Bombora (the #1
in B2B Intent Data)!

Infotelligent + Bombora

What is
Infotelligent + Bombora?

Infotelligent’s partnership with Bombora helps you as
a VP of Marketing or a VP of Sales to enable your teams
to identify which businesses are currently researching
the solution that you sell and shows you the intensity
of that buyer’sresearch interest.

Grow Sales Faster
& Close More Deals

You now have the ability to help your sales and marketing teams
prioritize the target accounts, customize your marketing or sales
conversations with them, and optimize your efforts with “Intent
Qualified Accounts” (IQA).

Qualify with IQA - Intent Qualified Accounts

Fuel ABM with Buying Intent Insights

Grow your sales better

Reach your Buyers before your competition

Boost the sales pipeline

Learn More About How Bombora Works
(i.e. it’s the power behind “Infotelligent + Bombora”):

G2 Crowd Reviews

What companies say about Bombora’s Intent signals and
which you get in Infotelligent:

“Necessary account intel for Strategic ABM and selling”“Fantastic ABM & prospecting tool”­“Invaluable data when trying to determine the “when” for ABM”“…great for prospecting”

Bombora Data

Bombora’s B2B Data Co-op is the largest of its kind:


Average monthly content
consumption events per


Average unique domains in
Company Surge© data set


Sites in Data Co-op


B2B targeting

* Figures for Q4 2019 (average of monthly figures from
October to December)

Bombora for B2B Sales & Marketing



Drive qualified demand for your business. By identifying organizations in active buying cycles for your products or services, your contact acquisition and content syndication programs can be more targeted and efficient.



Prioritize prospecting efforts or MQLs by identifying organizations in active buying cycles for your products or services. By focusing on higher likelihood buyers and engaging them with relevant talk tracks, sales teams can have more qualified and effective conversations. Direct integrations with leading CRM platforms make the data quickly actionable in your existing sales workflow.


Leads can come from many sources, but not all leads are created equal. Many are not interested in what you sell and can consume valuable resources that could be allocated to other efforts.

Case study

Increase qualified leads for your business


Integrate, Madison, Logic, Blue Whale


Company Surge® Analytics, Audience Solutions, Visitor Insights, Audience Verification


Medium term (3-6 months)


Knowing who to call and what to say is consistently the dilemma of every sales professional. With a long list of target accounts or marketing leads to follow up on, it can be difficult to prioritize accounts and personalize the message to drive sales pipeline.

Case study

Salesforce - 33% shaved off the sales cycle Cloudera - 30 significant business deals could be attributed to targeted ABM


Salesforce, SIGNALHQ, MeritDirect, Televerde, Netwise, DealSignal, Continuity


Company Surge® Analytics, Company Surge® for Salesforce, Historical Buyer Journey Analysis


Medium to long term (3-6 months+)

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Bombora FAQ

Is Bombora data GDPR and CCPA compliant?


Why is Bombora the best option for intent data?

Bombora uses a GDPR and CCPA compliant data co-op which leverages machine learning to determine consumption behavior, not simply access. This means that an AI-powered algorithm examines duration, scroll behavior, and content contextualization to synthesize truly accurate intent data into a Company Surge® score. If the score surges beyond 70, it’s data that matters and it’s sent to your team.

How is this different from other intent providers?

Most other intent providers use a risky bidstream practice by passing data through ad exchanges without consumer consent. Bidstream lives in a GDPR and CCPA compliance grey area in which companies who take action on this data become liable. Beyond the risk component, bidstream data is predominantly ad view based, and does not have a machine learning component which is better capable of understanding a consumer’s behavior.

Can you give me an example of the difference?

It’s the difference between someone reading an article about a social media solution, versus someone immediately bouncing from a page that mentioned the word Facebook. Only the first would result in an intent spike from Bombora, while a bidstream approach would result in a false positive for intent, meaning if your sales team reaches out – it will more likely be at the wrong time.