What is B2B Intent?

Using Infotelligent
to get Intent Buying Signals

Intent data or intent signals are digital insights that B2B
companies like you can use about which potential buyers are doing online research for your or similar products and services.

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According to Bombora:

“At a high level, Intent data is observations drawn from web users’ behavior that can indicate what products and services in which they are interested.

Take online content consumption for example: when users engage with online web materials, it represents their interest in the topic that those materials are about.”

More from Bombora and based on Forrester Research:

“Companies can employ “intent monitoring” which observes trends in this content consumption over time, amongst a group of web users. When there are spikes in frequency or intensity of these trends, Intent signals will correlate that to increased intent. Thus, indicating the propensity to make a purchase decision and proving to be very valuable to marketing and sales decision makers. Bombora monitors consumption with a few important engagement metrics factored in, such as scroll velocity and dwell time on a page, which is packaged into actionable data points”.

Why is Intent Data important for Marketing & Sales?


of sales

are going to the first company they come in contact with (according to InsideSales.com (now Xant.ai)). This is why it is critical for B2B companies like you to get in front of the prospective buyer before your competition gets to them.

You can do this when your marketing or sales team has access to
the valuable and actionable Intent Data so that you can reach
your leads as soon as you know they are researching your

Intent data, signals and insights take your
guesswork out of your sales and marketing so
that your marketing and sales can get visibility
into “active demand”...

...from your B2B target accounts which your sales team can then
prioritize using “Intent Qualified Opportunities” (or IQO) to
increase your win rate and close more sales. It creates data-driven
marketing and sales – exactly the approach your company needs
to grow your sales better.

Intent Helps You Know Which B2B Buyers Will Want To Hear From NOW Before Your Competition Knows:

Know which B2B companies are in active research for your
solutions. Intent with “Infotelligent + Bombora” helps you
identify these accounts with “active demand” even before
they land on your or your competitor’s website.

Your marketing
and sales can be
proactive in real time.

How does Infotelligent get B2B Intent from BILLIONS of content research signals online?

Infotelligent is powered by Bombora
which is the #1 in B2B Intent Data!

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Why Infotelligent + Bombora?

Bombora is the #1 in B2B intent globally and they
have a unique technology to help your marketing
and sales teams to identify which potential buyers
are researching your products and solutions online.

Intent Signals are the fuel
to take your ABM and ABS
 to the Next Level

With Intent data, you have the invaluable and truly actionable information to make your Account Based Marketing and Account Based Sales to a level unseen previously.

It’s one thing to target accounts in batches and another to target those that are actually showing an intent to make a purchase decision. This is what we call “Intent Qualified Account” or IQA and ultimately Intent Qualified Opportunities or IQO.

Intent Ignites and Fuels
the ABM 2.0 Revolution

Infotelligent helps you market to and win the accounts via “Intent-based ABM” or ABM 2.0 and you will know about the Account before your competition even realizes that the prospective buyer is in the market.

With Bombora’s best-in-class Company Surge® data and Terminus’ super fast and scalable ABM platform, savvy B2B marketers can easily build target account lists based on both intent and engagement data and start executing display and paid social campaigns immediately.

Example of using Intent – Salesforce

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We’ve seen about a 271% return on our ROI for display and paid social when we combine Bombora Company Surge® and 1st party data through a couple of other providers.

Ben Howell
Head of Demand Generation and Paid Digital at Salesforce

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