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How many clicks do you need
to make before you can start

You probably go to LinkedIn to find a couple of relevant
titles, search a big prospecting database for a match
to get you to the email address or a phone number
for these decision-makers.

More clicks here, again some clicks there. Before you
know – your sales job turned into a research job.

When are you going to start selling?

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Stop Researching. Start Selling.

Infotelligent Chrome Extension is your Free Prospecting Assistant. It follows you
on your prospecting journey across multiple websites and activates when it sees
a match between our database and the site you are on.

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Reduce Number of Clicks

Infotelligent Chrome Extension icon starts pulsating on the prospect’s website if it knows someone at that account.

Click to see names, titles, contact location, and premium intelligence. One more click - get the phone number and the email address.

Start calling and emailing before you leave their website.

Fewer Clicks – More Prospecting.
Free From Endless Research.

Unlock Any Email Address

No data provider will have every working adult in their database. Let this not stop your prospecting efforts.

Infotelligent arms you with the key to unlock any lead that works at your target account. 

And for the leads that we do not have in our database you can apply the prevalent email address convention to reach your critical embedded contact.

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Jorge Russell

Unlocked on:10/29/2019

One Click - And You Gain Access
to WEBtelligent and INTENTelligent Data

With Lots of Accounts to Choose From - Pick the Right Accounts Fast

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No need to go back into the CRM or search for additional intelligence,
when it’s all at your fingertips!

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